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Online Marketing

Bookings made direct on your own website represent the most cost-effective distribution method, one which also helps you keep loyal customers. To encourage bookings your website must be well-designed, customised for different devices (PC or mobile) and search optimised, with a good, high-conversion booking engine. Supranational Hotels can help with this, and focus your marketing activities on pay per click on search engines and cost per click in meta-search sites.
 Convert lookers to bookers
Increasing direct bookings through cost-effective marketing

Search Engine Optimisation

Good SEO means your hotel website will come up well positioned every time a search is performed. Supranational Hotels knows the ins and outs of achieving this, such as unique pages/content; optimal domain setup; language and geo optimisation; coding issues; duplicate meta tags; and optimised HTML structure.

Pay Per Click

PC marketing involves bidding for key words used in searches so your hotel website appears in more dominant positions on search engine listings.

Cost Per Click

CPC marketing involves bidding for appearance on meta-search sites such as Trivago, Google and TripAdvisor. Costs are based on volume, user-click location and any negotiations made with the various meta-search platforms.

 Other Marketing Services

GDS Marketing
Effective paid-for advertising campaigns & Free advertising campaigns

Marketing to Buyers
Newsletter, Hotels Facts Sheets & Social Media tools

Reputation Management
Tools to manage guest reviews, Improve your hotel's rating on the OTAs & Industry leading tools at discounted

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