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Our expertise and knowledge of business allows us to select the most valuable tools for hotels for gaining the inside knowledge of the market and streamline operations. Through partnerships with suppliers we offer such tools to our member hotels on preferential terms.
 Selecting the right tools for your business
Market Intelligence
Real-time market Information

Our hotels benefit from real-time booking data and detailed statistical reports available on line and off-line. We can help you to extract the key information from the data and to ensure you have the right rate strategy for achieving your business objectives. Through our reservation data and analytics provided by suppliers, our hotels have a wide range of reports.

  • Detailed offline and online reports
  • Your own booking data
  • Advice on business strategies
  • Commission processing
    – Save time and costs associated with outsourcing travel agent payments.
Commission Processing
Simple and cost-effective payments to agents.

Because travel agencies generate revenue from the commission made on hotel bookings, it's vital to ensure commission is paid promptly – so you always remain on good terms with your agents! Supranational Hotels understands these issues and so has partnered with a leading commission processing company.

  • Reservations data supplied automatically from CRS
  • Report per hotel to check and authorise payment
  • Invoiced monthly
  • Payments to agents handled by supplier
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